WordPress Integration

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Integration StressThe new SEO Doctor website is nearly complete…

After a lot of stress the website was totally converted from static pages to be powered by WordPress and the Thesis theme, with help from the fantastic ThinkDave.

I am not a designer, but I have learnt that good planning is essential for web design and development. Making it up as you go along causes more problems. Though I designed the original pages myself with html/CSS, converting the pages to WordPress required help.

The initial plan was to integrate WordPress into the blog page only and keep the old pages static. But after much thought I decided the whole site should run on WordPress.  I’m glad to say goodbye to Dreamweaver and have become a WordPress obsessive.

One problem setting up WordPress was choosing the best theme and trying to find the most optimised code. But after much searching and reading up, Thesis came up tops. It is used to run great sites like Copyblogger, Wolf-howl and I believe even Matt Cutt’s own blog runs on Thesis.

My other major headache was choosing the most optimised url permalink structure.






After much deliberation, I went with .html, being finally persuaded by SEOmofo’s blog post.

It also meant I could keep my static urls without having to carry out 301 redirects in .htaccess.  Though 301s only lose approx. 5-10% of your link equity, you are still trying to rank a new page in Google’s eyes – old pages have more value.

Any feedback is appreciated.