Top SMX London Tips 2010

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Being a freelance seo, I was unable to attend SMX London – £1295 for 2 days could not be justified…besides I have Twitter!!  Here is a round up of the top SMX tips and news which came live from Twitter using the #smx tag. Thanks to all the live bloggers for sharing.  Also included are some slides shared by the presenters.


“Exact match is like a rifle, phrase like a shotgun, broad like a bomb and automatic like a black hole” (via @joristoonders)

“With broad match Google is in control of your money” (via@marteenloeff)

“Master google products for universal search – very few remember to search G product search directly” (via @kevgibbo)

“Make sure low quality score keywords are performing if you keep them – because they hurt whole account “(via @kevgibbo)


“Push your content to social websites and let Google do the hard work” (Via @searchcowboys)

“some ppl trying HTML links in twitter streams – sites that have twitter streams then conver these into links! Awesome” (via @jaamit)

Digital Assets

“A page with video is 50x more likely to rank than a static page?” (Via @shodowdaddy)

“Thumbnail in Universal search news result is important, to get a thumbnailin the SERP keep it in 300×250 or 180×50″ (via @triballm)

“Recommended Google news WordPress URL format: /post-name/001-postID/ “(via @kevgibbo)

“use multiple authors (or create them 😉 ). 1 news item per day for 7 days include this data in news sitemap (xml)” (via @martijnbeijk)

“says microformats help smaller sites gain advantage, coz few people are using that” (via @jammit)

“Video SEO: Use the authority of an existing page to boost a new video in the SERP” (via @tribalim)


“Testing is the difference between a low or medium conversion rate and a high or extremely good conversion rate!” (via @klaasknook)

Link Building

“Link building philosophy: A good ranking often comes down to a handfull of links” (via @kverleg)

“MAJESTICSEO: Google hasn’t fully addressed the issue of quality links vs quantity” (via @blueclaw)

“Visualizing Anchor Texts: throw the list of anchor texts in and get a nice view of your anchors” (via @searchcowboys)

“Reach out to bloggers… not all bloggers work from home in their pyjamas” (via @joristoonders)

“Link building tip: Give the university some good press coverage, they might reproduce it on their blog” (via @tribalim)

“another one in line of current presentation. have a look at European Union Sponsored Project Pages. These are often valuable links” (via @martijnbeijk)

“Link building tip: Bad publicity isn’t always bad for SEO because it can generate a lot of links” (via @tribalim)

“#3 If you want a link on government websites: look for business directories on .gov sites, they exist!” (via @searchcowboys)

“Don’t use pagerank as a signal to gather possible linkpartners, but use relevance and freshness” (via @searchcowboys)

“build relationships (for linking) that competition can’t COPY!” (via @merrymorud)


“Google Suggest dataset is updated frequently to offer fresh & rising search queries. Great tool for Keyword Research” (via @iviney)


Influence Finder – you can find out more about this launch from Nichola Stott’s Post.

The tool is also reviewed by Wiep

Other tools that were greatly discussed were Radian6 for social monitoring and web data extraction tool Mozenda.

Day 2 SMX London

Social media

“64% of companies say they cant measure social media ROI as much as they’d like” (via @jaamit)

“Think ‘social media MARKETING’ – be disciplined (dont just fanny about) and get other depts to think about it” (@jaamit}

“A couple of people recommend Scout Labs as a good entry level social media monitoring tool” (via @digitalalex)

“Twitter like a book is *not* a sales tool, it s a communication tool”  ( Lyndoman -via @maxormark)

“Negative sentiment against Dell dropped 30% after they engaged with the blogosphere”

“65% of UK facebook members (out of 26M) visit every day and spend 30 min. WOW “(via @clickequations)

“My avatar is bright red because most Social Media sites use muted colors. Red stands out, provokes reaction” (Lyndoman via @maxormark )


In Social Media Bootcamp! Those who engaged in a community had twice the standard conversion rate (via @blueclaw)


“Your experiments need to be continual otherwise your competitors will gain ground on you” (via @louisventer)

“Video is 50 times more likely to appear in search results” (via @searchcowboys)

“Martijn says the 1st thing to make sure of is that ur being found. He claims that 25% of searches lead to a purchase. Really? christ!” (via @Jaamit)

“Contact pages shouldn’t just be a contact form. Add address info, phone info, add Google maps and driving direction”s (via @searchcowboys)


“data mine live chat transcripts to spot sales obstacles – and text fixes with AB/MV testing. “(via @duncanparry)


“Video is 50 times more likely to appear in search results” (via @searchcowboys)

“youtube search volume tool “  (via @oscacarreras)

@ciaranj great casestudy on viral by Ray Ban (obviously faked) guy tattoos glasses on face

“Avi Wilensky: viral video = killer linkbait (via @blueclaw)


“If you can´t advertise on a group page, pay for the privilege” (via @joristooners_

“Facebook ads have a short shelf life, keep ’em FRESH & crispy (via ‘merrymorud)

“facebook advertising: add extra copy to the pictures as FB cannot detect it, you can get away with it” (via @davidcarraon)

“Facebook has 100 million mobile users” (via @sweena)

“Facebooks offers a strong user engagement like fan pages, facebook ads, engagement ads, social ads, applications and social plugins”

“5,000,000 gays on Facebook. They’re marketing gold as they have tons of money to spend” (via @sweena)

Great Quotes

.@demib “there’s a saying: ‘Never fuck with an SEO'” (re reputation management)

“First click attribution is like giving your first girlfriend the credits for you current marriage”

Live streamed

Still available to view by @conversion_guru >>  SMX LIVE STREAM

Detailed SMX Blogposts

See Jaamit’s new site, he has been live blogging today – you’ll find more detailed explanations on the above tweets here, here and here.

Facebook UK Demographics from @aimclear

Shared SMX London Presentation Slides

SEO Ranking Factors 2010 SMX London

SMX Presentation

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