Foursquare Marketing Guide

Foursquare Marketing Guide

Further to my local seo citations post, I wanted to take a look at Foursquare as a geo-marketing tool for local businesses and brands.

Foursquare is a game which “connects local businesses with it’s customers”. The game is based on unlocking badges, but Foursquare is far more than a game.  Users check into local places like bars, restaurants, hotels with their phones and give tips and share their location with friends.  Users with the most checkins to a venue become the “Mayor”, and can receive loyalty rewards from the venue  e.g. Domino’s Pizza offers their Foursquare Mayors free pizzas on Wednesday in all their locations.  Foursquare allows  businesses to carry out geo-marketing campaigns and reach people via mobile phones. [Read more…]

Top SMX London Tips 2010

Being a freelance seo, I was unable to attend SMX London – £1295 for 2 days could not be justified…besides I have Twitter!!  Here is a round up of the top SMX tips and news which came live from Twitter using the #smx tag. Thanks to all the live bloggers for sharing.  Also included are some slides shared by the presenters. [Read more…]

Best Firefox Social Media Extensions

This is a guest post from Ben Rozema of Best Rank, a San Diego SEO Company.  Go and check out their blog.

Any social media user, no matter what their level, can use add-ons and plug-ins to save time and create more opportunity. Some of the following listings work for specific sites, while others have more general and universal applications. Check them out. [Read more…]