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This week the SEO Doctor Firefox Extension was released.  The tool gives you a mini SEO audit looking at H1 tags through to Robots.txt info.  The tool sits in your status bar below and gives you an SEO Score – this site scored 100% which was nice :)

The tools best feature (IMHO) is to examine a pages outgoing links. The tool shows this as a metric % , and helps you find the balance between outgoing links and good Pagerank flow.

Page rank flow is a number expressed in percentage of the links on the page going out of your domain, versus the total number of links. A page where all links are internal (going to the same domain) will have Page rank flow of 100% while the page where all links go to external sites will have page rank flow of 0%. In a nutshell this number represents how much of the incoming Page rank is kept on your site.

The tool also gives you a quick overview of some other data:

I  like the ‘nofollow’ highlighter, being nice and bright.  I’m colour-blind and the Quake highlighter is not very clear for me sometimes.  I also like the CSV export functionality, which is very useful.

The tool, developed by Vladimir Prelovac comes out at very poor timing, the same week as SEOmoz undated their killer tool bar.   SEO Doctor 1.0 is also competing in an already overcrowded market place.  The tool uses the name ‘SEO Doctor’, when there is already other SEO Tools on the market place with the same name.  Prelovac could have been a little more creative with his branding, but the tool is still good work.   Go and have a play and download the extension at Firefox Addons.

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