PageRank Update December 2009

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Today Google updated it’s toolbar Pagerank  – not to be confused with the real Pagerank that Google keeps private.

Looking at my sites and my client’s sites, the update appears totally random.  It’s very difficult to get any meaning from this data as there is a delay factor. This site went from PR3 to PR5 with no major links built since the last update a few weeks ago (October), but this change could be related to a totally different period.  It’s not worth spending any time deliberating.

People talked of penalties being issued mid-December and this appears to be a straight update.  It will take a couple of weeks for webmasters to discuss the updates fully.  Others believe that this update has seen more link filtering.  Google will always improve its ability to filter links each update, so I believe this to be true.

Whatever your Pagerank change, this will not affect your ranking positions.  I still believe that toolbar Pagerank will be stopped  in 2010, which is why as an SEO consultant I use other metrics to measure page strength – ones that are more accurate and make sense.

UPDATE: Another Pagerank Update 3rd April 2010

Another Pagerank update – and more meaningless data for webmasters to worry about.