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SEO Doctor™ (Gareth James) is a freelance SEO consultant based in Newcastle. Offering a range of search marketing services to clients  from keyword research to advanced link building strategies.  I also offer search engine optimisation (SEO) services in a white label capacity to marketing and web design agencies.

Though I carry out SEO in Newcastle, I work on websites worldwide and across different industries. Please see below some of the SEO services I offer:

Website SEO audits

The starting point of any search marketing campaign is seeing how well your site is currently optimised.  I will usually find some issues that can be improved to help search engines find, index and rank your web pages better.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the fundamentals of search marketing, ensuring you are targeting the correct keywords for your business is essential.  I can advise you on the monthly search volumes for your keywords and tell you how to get more traffic to your website. e.g. SEO Newcastle as a keyword gets very little search traffic compared to SEO company.

Onsite Search Engine Optimisation

Once your website and keywords have been analyzed, I can begin optimising your pages and making them unique. Onsite optimisation will include creating unique Meta data for every page and removing any duplicate content issues that could be giving your site a penalty. I also look at canonical url issues and website architecture.

Competitor Analysis

Examining how and why your competitors are ranking can help drive a strategy for your own website.  This analysis also includes examining their backlink profiles and extracting potential link targets from the data.

Link building Campaigns

The single most important factor to ranking in search engines, is the number of websites that link to yours. My link building service will help build your link profile over time ensuring greater online visibility through higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPS).  If you are not sure how many links your website has already, try my tool to get the data >> ViralSpy.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of optimising your landing pages to ensure more visitors convert.  Please see my CRO page for more details on this service.


Local SEO

If your clients are local to your business, I can build a local search marketing campaign for you.  Listings can be seen at the top of Googles organic results for certain search queries.  Google has stopped showing local listings for ‘SEO Newcastle’, but a search for ‘Newcastle Hotel’s will show you examples of local search listings.  I also impliment foursquare marketing strategies for local businesses and brands.

Along with the above services I can also look at:

  • Social Media Marketing opportunities for your business.  With online marketing changing so rapidly, I feel social media marketing will supersede SEO in a couple of years.
  • Implementation of a blog.  I can arrange the installation of WordPress into your website and explain how blogging can be a powerful search marketing tool. I also do WordPress SEO for existing blogs.
  • Analytics and Monitoring.
  • Reputation management by scanning the web with bespoke software for any mentions of your company throughout other websites, forums, news and in the blogosphere. Any negative comments can be displaced from the search engine results pages.

Email: [email protected] or call me on 07904253079

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SEO Newcastle