LinkedIn: Optimizing Your Profile

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As an SEO Consultant, I always like to play with my titles and snippets displayed in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).  You can always have some fun..

SEO Consultant

Another Good SEO

But what can you do with your Linkin Profile? A standard profile listing will appear like this:

SEO for LinkedIn

But you can change it.  In the editable field, your name is the meta title.  This can be changed to a maximum of 40 characters, they will also add ‘LinkedIn’ to the end on the title.  Now lets not forget that your meta title is an important place for keywords and that LinkedIn is on a well trusted domain.

Here’s how my profile was displayed in Google after some tweaking:


You can also see how Google pulls data from the ‘Professional Headline’ section which is editable, giving you extra control on what is displayed.  This extra line of data also helps rank for long tail phrases:

Long tail SERP

So if you want to make some changes, just dive into your profile and do some editing.

Optimsing LinkedIn Profile

The only problem with going overboard, like above,  is that the whole title becomes your name and is continually displayed in your status updates, this could annoy a lot of your connections.  I am changing my profile now to make it look less spammy, but will still have ‘SEO Doctor’ in the title, as I am competing with some software on the name.

Linkedin have recently changed the url of profiles to start with UK (for uk profiles), so make sure you have updated all your profile links.  They have not 301’d the old urls which doesn’t do them any favours.

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  1. says

    That’s an interesting article. Even adding these extra “features” to the surname, linkedin search engine is smart enough to find the person.
    Also moving the surname into the name area.

    I would suggest to don’t use the >> unless you want see them in the final profile unencoded showing an > > that is really orrible.

  2. says

    Nice article and thanks for the shout out. =)

    Here’s a tip/caveat for anyone thinking about trying to make an ASCII art design with their Meta Description: Google will only use your Meta Description content for the SERP snippet if there is NOT a relevant string of text in the <body> content.

    Why does this matter? Because most people will NOT be able to rank well for a given keyword…unless they use that keyword throughout the page. In other words, my fancy snippet shown above will only appear for a small number of branded queries (e.g. [seomofo] and [worlds greatest seo]) and the [site:] search operator.

    (BTW…Gareth, you’re the first person I’ve seen with 3 canonical tags in your <head> section. =P )

  3. Gareth says

    Hey Darren, thanks for dropping by and your comments. Interesting, going to have to test your snippet now with some other queries.

    Thanks for spotting the canonical tag prob, new to thesis and still taming the beast :)

  4. says

    Nice post… interesting to see how something so simple and readily available as a LinkedIn profile could be used to aid first page domination for your brand…