Google Consultant

The majority of my work for clients is about getting good rankings in Google, which is why I consider myself a Google SEO Consultant.  Most of the algorithm research I do is on Google’s search engine ranking factors.  This is because Google has a monopoply on search and it is currently not worth spending the time optimising for Bing and Yahoo.  If you rank well in Google, it is very likely that you will do well in the other search engines.

Here is a look at Google’s market share accoding to Comscore:

Google Consultant

Though this data shows Google having 65% of market share, a look at my clients analytics across different industris show a much different picture.  Google organic search traffic is usually around 80% of total organic search engine traffic, optimising for Google is the priority.

What makes a Google Consultant?

  • A Google Consultant works within the Google guidlines and will practice whitehat search engine optimisation
  • A Google Consultant knows how the algorithum works and tracks changes
  • A Google SEO Consultant monitors clients rankings in the search results with bespoke software
  • Often Google Consultants will be  Google certified
  • Has a track record of ranking lots of keywords in and across other geo targeted Google search engines

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