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Content Marketing is being touted as the ‘new SEO’, but good SEOs have been building great content for years.  A solid content marketing strategy will compliment your link building efforts to gain trust and authority in your niche. Find out below what content can do for your business, or get in touch to with me.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the creation and distribution of digital content to achieve business goals. Here’s a good video from the Content Marketing Institute to help explain it.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing can do all the following depending on how it is crafted:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Create a conversion with your customers
  • Improve your Conversion Rate
  • Improve engagement
  • Reinforce your brand messages

The Benefits of Content Marketing  INFOGRAPHIC

The above benefits can all be measured and key performing indicators tracked (KPIs) tracked with Google Analytics. Typical content KPIs can be:

  • Increasing the number of landing pages in Google Analytics
  • Increasing the blog traffic
  • Increasing the time on site (user engagement)
  • Improve customer conversions (e.g. tracking comments)
  • Tracking social shares
  • Increasing the conversion rate

These KPIs can all be tracked using our Content Marketing Google Analytics Dashboard

Your Content Marketing Strategy

I can help you create your content marketing strategy and ensure it works with your brand message and reaches your potential clients.  Once we have decided on the main goals, a schedule will be developed along with content idea generation.   The content strategy will also be integrated into your social media campaigns.

Types of content and brand examples

Many type of content formats can be used to build a content strategy. Below are some of the common types with example.

Blog Posts

Blog posts can come in many forms, but as long as the reader is given some good insights or takeaways they are likely to come back.

Example: Quicksprout’s Content Marketing Guide is an awesome post consisting of detailed content and great design, although it long for a blog post example.


Example: Our own James Bond themed infographic did very well, exceeding all our targets.

The Ultimate Guide to James Bond Vehicles

Interactive content

The introduction of HTML5 has allowed developers to create amazing pages that users can interact with.  This type of content is expensive, but great for social shares and attracting inbound links.

Timeout’s interactive sex survey map


Video content is becoming more popular with publishers and great for Social Media campaigns. I am currently setting up a video content business producing social videos and explainer videos to help conversions, find out more here.

Example: Redbull use Video through their social media channels very well receiving huge amounts of shares and likes.

(32K likes on Instagram alone in 2 months)


Explaining how to solve a particular problem in your industry likely to do well if its comprehensive.

 “How to fix a puncture” via Bikerader, ranking #2 for the query.#


Podcasts are another channel for reaching users

BBC’s ‘click’ has a very popular podcast channel, which can be accessed via itunes. These podcasts completment the video series the BBC produce.

The future of content marketing

Content Marketing, like SEO, is continually evolving. New technologies allow content creation and curation much easier and this will continue.  The costs of developing beautiful html 5 pages will drop and this will really help competition within the industry.

As more companies understand the need for a content marketing campaigns, suppliers will be put under more pressure to deliver content marketing KPIs.

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