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Welcome to SEO Doctor™, the website for freelance SEO consultant Gareth James.  Here you will find details about my SEO services along with information about the art and science of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

For people who are familiar with SEO, you can read my SEO Consulting blog on the current trends and news in the industry.  The blog will also feature guest posts from some great search marketers.


Why use a Freelance SEO?

Using a freelance UK SEO will be considerably cheaper than using a company/agency.  My technical knowledge also ensures a high level of quality, compared to 2nd world outsourcing.  I have built a powerful network of freelancers to get various other jobs done from manual data entry to PHP programming. I also work in a white label capacity for marketing and web design agencies and work across all industries. I am also a social media consultant and integrate all my SEO strategies with social media.

From the SEO Doctor Blog

What are the Marketing Costs of a DDoS attack?

This Post is Written by Chris Dyson. Chris is an SEO Consultant for Hit Reach and blogs infrequently at   It seems like a month doesn’t go by without a story popping up on some tech news blog regarding another major DDoS attack.Only this past few days has Moz been suffering from a DDoS attack […]

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Blackhat CRO: The Dark Side of Conversion Rate Optimisation

I really miss the good old blackhat days, but Google has done really well of ridding the interwebz of spam recently.  As I’ve been delving a lot into conversion rate optimisation (CRO) recently, I thought it would be good to look at blackhat CRO tactics. Like blackhat SEO, there are all different shades of grey […]

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